The Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers of London

Glass in Society – Biconvex Glass Lenses v Plastic Polymer Lenses

A cheque has been presented from the Charity Fund to King Edward VI School in Stratford-upon-Avon who are about to embark on a truly imaginative and different Glass in Society Project. They intend to examine the difference in effectiveness of biconvex glass lenses against plastic polymer lenses in the Google Virtual Reality viewer. The aim of the project is to provide an opportunity to design and make a product which incorporates glass or acrylic lenses as components. An important element of Design and Technology is making informed design choices, and the provision of Glass and Polymer lenses will allow pupils to make real world decisions about the relative merits of the two alternatives, and to develop strategies for comparing their suitability.

CdL--3SXEAAAgaEThis exciting project will provide a real world opportunity for pupils to develop their skills in modelling both with real materials.

The school has been investing in updating their Design and Technology department to provide exciting, modern facilities and opportunities for their pupils, helping them to become discerning consumers of goods, and to develop skills in designing and making. A particular focus has seen the introduction of 3D Computer Aided Design, together with manufacturing technologies including 3D printing and Computer Controlled laser cutting.

The project will provide an excellent opportunity to further develop the pupils work in these areas, and the inspirational value of this project is potentially huge.

Finally, the outcome (a VR viewer produced by each student) would become a valuable tool which pupils would be able to use to review their own 3D Computer Aided Design work in a virtual environment.