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Glass in Society Award – Sidney Stringer Primary School

A rather late application arrived in mid-June just before the last Charity Trustees meeting. The application was approved, and cheque presented Wednesday 4th July 2018.

The applicant a Mrs Chloe Wan (teacher) from Sidney Stringer Primary School in Coventry. Yet another adventure for our Glass in Society Project. They wanted microscopes to fully engage with the microscopic world.

Sidney Stringer is a new school of only three years and rather short on state of the art equipment. Their curriculum within the first four years covers several biology topics investigating plant life, animal life and insects.

The project they are undertaking will see students using the microscopes to make scientific drawings and make better conclusions. The students will also be put through the Crest Star/ Superstar award programme. They will seek assistance from their Trust for support from secondary school experts when needed and they will be able to loan microscopes within their primary school network hence maximising the effectiveness of the microscope sets. Furthermore, they will borrow lenses from their partner secondary school to teach the students how lenses can be used to focus light to appoint, enabling them to see things magnified.

This application was one of ten received for consideration by The Trustees in June. The Glass in Society initiative and other donations awarded by the Charity Fund to numerous causes are limited only by available funds that are generously provided by our Fellow Liveryman either by making a legacy or by making regular monthly donations by standing order.  The provenance of Glass and its many applications is being propagated by supporting schools and their innovative  Glass Projects. The Trustees are ever amazed of how diverse the reach is. Only recently a grant was given for the purchase of microscopes, It was only afterwards that they learnt that through a schools co-operative the facility would be shared among 28 schools representing over 10,000 children.

In reality the legacy of Glass through this initiative has touched over 100,000 children to date and we still continue to receive applications for funding to support Glass related Projects. The projects are monitored by the Trustees for the duration until its completion with reports being received regularly.

For more information about leaving a Legacy or making a monthly standing order donation please contact the Charity Secretary Sue Evans on  

Alternatively donations can be made through our MyDonate account.