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Glass Sellers Charity Fund – New Primary School Learning Resource

2021 has been designated by the United Nations as the International Year of Glass. We are all more aware of the climate change issues that face this and subsequent generations, so this focus from such a credible organisation on this most sustainable and versatile material is extremely welcome.

Glass in Society projects have been taking place across the UK now for over thirty years, where primary and secondary schools apply for funding to purchase glass related equipment to allow them to offer a more rounded view of science for their students. This has proven to be most successful where group of schools or academies have applied to the charity fund, and then share the resource between them. Quite recently a group 19 schools in Cornwall applied for a grant to fund telescopes at a cost of just under £3,000 – over 5000 students now benefit from the assistance given.

The Trustees have always wanted to take further steps to promote the modern technological uses of glass in all its forms and felt that in recognition of IYOG along with extending the reach of Glass in Society to every corner of the United Kingdom, further imaginative steps needed to be taken.

The whole issue of sustainability has been well publicised, and the youngest members of our society have the greatest incentive to ensure that goals to address the problems caused by global warming are addressed. We have believed for some time, that it is vital to focus on primary school students to inspire their imaginations and kindle an interest in science in general. Therefore, the Glass Sellers have chosen to engage with the Primary Schools Science Trust to select a new, innovative way to help schools with this objective. The result is the new learning resource entitled “Getting Glass back into the classroom”. Apart from the lack of funding for science, schools have grappled with the ever-changing and challenging rules relating to Health and Safety. Glass has been outlawed in favour of plastics – but how do we expect younger children ever to learn? This resource is designed to offer simple experiments using low or no cost materials, that any teacher can use to make learning more fun, whilst creating the inspiration and interest in science at the earliest educational opportunity.

We have made it available online to potentially allow every primary school to download and use the information. Through our contact with the Primary School Science Trust, we are promoting this information which we hope will help to engage just over 50% of all primary schools in the United Kingdom.

Please share the information with your charity and any schools that your organisation is associated with. The more engagement we can achieve, the better chance we must inspire young and old alike and perhaps effect change for good.

The link to the online resource is: