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Our latest Talking Prompts

Ambassador for Glass … Talking Prompts (#5/21)

Greener Green Bottles

Category: Sustainability


Earlier this year the partnership of global glass manufacturer Encirc and Glass Futures announced a pilot project funded by UK Government to produce bottles made from up to 100% recycled glass, using only energy from burning low-carbon sustainable biofuels.

Now Heineken has teamed up with the project to test an initial 1.4 million bottles bound for UK supermarket shelves, to provide “needed insight into the practicalities of introducing an ultra-low level carbon option with glass … towards the eventual goal of introducing low-carbon bottles at scale” (Heineken spokesman).

Another step towards helping the sector move towards a sustainable zero carbon future.


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Ambassador for Glass … Talking Prompts (#6/21)

Interference Filter for Mars Perseverance Mission

Category: Space Technology

An interference filter from the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films (Fraunhofer IST) is fitted in Perseverance’s optical sensor for the characterisation of dust in the Martian environment.

The size of a small finger nail, the high-precision glass filter has to perform stably while withstanding radiation and temperature extremes. It was tested over a period of nearly 4 years prior to the mission including 3000 rapid temperature changes between -135 and +45 deg C.


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Ambassador for Glass … Talking Prompts (#7/21)

Building’s temperature controlled by double-skinned glass louvres

Category: Building Construction

In a structure of mostly glass, temperature control is notoriously problematic. Yet a 16,000 sq ft new-build in a business park in Lille, France is able to run mostly without air conditioning – maintaining thermal comfort even in the summer.

It has been designed with vertical louvres on each façade to maintain optimum levels of temperature and light.

Clustered and inclined according to the position of the sun, each of the glass louvres are composed of two sheets of Diamant – an extra clear glass with less green undertones due to low iron content. Layers are less than a half-inch thick.


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