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Selected Graduates from CGS ‘NEW GRADUATE REVIEW’ 2018 showcased at London Glassblowing

The winners of the Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) 2018 Glass Prize, along with seven more graduates, will be showcased at the UK’s top glass gallery – Hon Liveryman, Peter Layton’s London Glassblowing, in Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UD, from 14 to 22 September 2018.

Over fifty Graduates from sixteen colleges entered the CGS Glass Prize & ‘New Graduate Review’ 2018. The work was of an exceptional standard this year and showed the breath of techniques’ and skills needed with this fascinating material, from; lampwork, casting, blowing and fusing. The Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers of London Charity fund was once again delighted to be a sponsor for the ‘New Graduate Review 2018’.

The three prize winners demonstrate inspiring and contrasting approaches to their work, from the ephemeral beauty of Natsumi Jones ‘ installation, to the innovative application of glass and new technologies in the work of Jonathan Michie and Marzena Ostromecka.

CGS is extremely grateful to London Glassblowing Gallery for offering this amazing opportunity for this year’s prize winners to showcase their work in London. In an age when Creative Courses are closing or being threatened across the country, we need to not only stand up and praise the creativity of the next generation of young artists but defend their opportunities to promote their work.

First Prize : Natsumi Jones, May Your Wish Come True



Winner – Natsumi Jones, University of Sunderland (BA)




Second Prize : Jonathan Michie, The Hunt, photo David James Wood



Second – Jonathan Michie, University of Sunderland. (BA)




Third Prize : Marzena Ostromecka, Play Zone


Third – Marzena Ostromecka, Edinburgh College of Art. (MFA)





Highly Commended:

Megan McGuirk, National College of Art & Design. Dublin. (BA)
Laura McKinley, Royal College of Art. London. (MA)
Kaja Upelj, Royal College of Art. London. (MA)

Commended – other Graduates included in the show:
Bethany Antliff, Plymouth College of Art. (BA)
Clare Flatley, Royal College of Art. London. (MA)
Madeleine Hughes, University of Wolverhampton. (BA)
Roberta Mason, Royal College of Art, London. (MA)

Sponsors who provided financial support and Prizes for the Glass Prize and the ‘NewGraduate Review’ 2018, were Professor Michael Barnes MD FRCP, The Worshipful Company Of Glass Sellers Of London Charity Fund, Creative Glass UK, Pearsons Glass, Neues Glas – New Glass: Art & Architecture,Alan J. Poole & CRAFTS.

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