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Talking Prompts (#11) – “The Age of Glass”

Ambassador for Glass … Talking Prompts (#11)

Towards a UN Declaration: International Year of Glass 2022

Category: “The Age of Glass”




This month, potentially by 15 December, we are hoping the UN will ratify a submission promoting an International Year of Glass for 2022 to underline the technological, scientific and economic importance of glass – globally.

Check out this highly inspirational video published as part of the formal submission. It includes many, many excellent examples of the application and benefits of glass today, for example:

  • Low-cost spectacles (at 5mins 10 secs)
  • Space discovery (6:12)
  • Water treatment (9:45)
  • Insulation and ‘aerogel’ (10:30)
  • Supporting ecosystems in vertical cities (12:06)
  • Energy generation (13:17)
  • Glass fibre in construction (14:10)
  • Internet and communication (14:40)
  • Glass in healthcare: ‘bioglass’, wound repair (16:22)
  • Glass features with different periodic table elements (19:50)
As the video concludes: one material; a world of possibility.

Thoroughly recommended viewing for all Ambassadors for Glass!