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The International Year of Glass 2022 approved by the GA of UN

International Year of Glass 2022!!!

The General Assembly of UN approved the UN IYOG2022 with 19 countries acting as co-sponsors. Spain, Egypt, Turkey, Guatemala, Vietnam, Brazil, Hungary, Colombia, Ecuador, China, Cuba, Costa Rica, Japan, Mongolia, Russia, Slovakia, Venezuela, Senegal and Kiribati (a small island in the Pacific ocean). A record of 19 countries co-sponsoring the IYOG2022!!! Besides this success we have reached the number of 79 countries supporting this project and we continue adding endorsements, more than 1500 in tis moment.
I wished so much this moment that I never thought it could become true
Thank you so much for your support at any time. To all the ICG friends, to the Community of Glass Associations and to ICOM-Glass, always ready to work and support this project, the most important in my life and I know also of many of you.
We are sending the PR with the great news. We have worked very hard, we had to fight against COVID but we got it!!! With the splendid support and hard work of the Spanish Mission at UN, complemented with Egypt and Turkey missions, now we can make a toast for Glass!!!

Alicia Durán
Research Professor CSIC
President of ICG
Chair Steering Committee IYOG2022

Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio
c/Kelsen 5, Campus de Cantoblanco
28049 Madrid, SPAIN