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Abbott Scholarship – Scholars Update – Leo White & Miles Forsyth-Hecken


Mr John Abbott, having taken the Master’s Chair at his installation on 14th December 1875, announced that, being desirous that the Company should, during his year of office, be distinguished by some permanent and useful act, it was his intention to transfer to the Company £1,000 Madras Guaranteed 5% Railway Stock, the interest thereon to be applied towards funding a Scholarship at the City of London School in perpetuity to be called the Abbott Scholarship in honour of the then present Headmaster, the Rev. Edwin Abbott Abbott D.D. tenable for 4 years at either of the Universities of Cambridge or Oxford – Caeteris Paribus, sons of the Freeman of the Glass Sellers’ Company to have the preference.

It celebrated proficiency in classical and mathematical subjects.

On 21.11.1906 John Abbott signified his desire to cease to be a Trustee and it was resolved that he transfer the Madras Stock to the Company. On 23rd June 1914 John Abbott wrote to the Court wishing to purchase sufficient extra Stock to make up the income for the Scholarship to the original £50 per annum, and on 23rd December 1914 he advised that his Brokers were purchasing a further £10 Madras Railway B Annuities.

John Abbott died 13th July 1917.

From 2019, it was agreed that the recipient could attend a wider choice of Universities, that being the Russell Group of Universities  

Abbott Scholar 2018 – Leo White – Update – reading Medicine at the University of Oxford

Leo White, Abbott Scholar 2018

My course this year has taken a huge step up in terms of workload from the last year. With exams scheduled for the start of the summer term as opposed to the end, we were given much less time to learn and consolidate our knowledge of the course material. Despite the intensity however, 2nd year medicine has been utterly enjoyable, and has pushed us towards thinking of every medical topic – be it pathology, physiology, or neuroscience – in a clinical context. I came 2nd in my year group in the neuroscience paper midway through the year and was on track for a strong performance in the summer exams, before they were postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Despite having to dedicate much of my time solely to my course, I have remained an active member of my college boat club and am hoping to be awarded the men’s’ captaincy for the coming year.

I had been looking forward, most of all, to undertaking a research project in the summer months. Were it not for the coronavirus pandemic, I would be working in experimental psychology, looking into the ways in which motivation may affect the speed and accuracy with which we make decisions and apply our working memory.

Although this summer seems a bit out of the question, I am hoping to start the research in autumn, assuming the situation with COVID-19 has improved enough by then. The project will likely require me to pay for university accommodation outside of normal term time, so I am grateful to the Glass Sellers for providing the monetary support that allows me to take such opportunities.

Again, I hope you are faring well during the current situation. Although this difficult time has emphasised the importance of distancing in reducing the burden of the disease, I feel it has encouraged us to connect with friends and family even more so than before, albeit electronically. Moreover, the sense of unity shown by our country in support of our key workers has been truly inspiring, and acts as a constant reminder of how much we rely on certain key services, such as the NHS – this has only reaffirmed my decision to study medicine. After the situation improves, I look forward to meeting you again at another Glass Sellers event soon, and I wish you the best until then.

Abbott Scholar 2019 – Miles Forsyth-Hecken – Update – reading Economics at the London School of Economics (LSE). 

My first year studying Economics at LSE has been one of the most fulfilling, stimulating and enjoyable years of my life. I was truly upset when the year was unfortunately cut short due to COVID-19 lockdown measures, but I look forward with excitement to the coming years. 

The modules I studied over this past year have really stimulated my academic interest and have furthered my understanding of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics. The year has served as a very good foundation for my studies to come, I feel that my modules in Maths and Statistics have provided an excellent range of skills which will be invaluable over the course of my academic career. I am particularly proud to have achieved 100% in my January Statistics exam and 80% in my January Maths exam. I believe these results clearly show the effort I put into my studies over the year and highlights the interest I have for my course content. As I currently prepare for my online summer examinations I hope to maintain this level of academic success. 

Alongside my academic work, I have met so many brilliant people from all over the globe, from many different demographics and cultures, studying a wide range of subjects. Over the year I have taken a keen interest in the LSE Pool and Snooker Club, participating in national tournaments as a 1st team member. Also, I am pleased to say that I was recently elected by the club to be President in the next academic year, meaning I will have the responsibility of organising all affairs in the club. I am very excited for my position in the club and hope I can take the club to new levels. In addition, I have also played hockey for the LSE 2nd team, playing against other teams in London and south-east England. Without the generosity of the Company through this scholarship, I strongly believe the level to which I could participate in these societies would be significantly lowered. Another aspect of my year has been participation in Economics Society events, attending talks and participating, with two other students, in a research project on climate change policy.

Over the summer I plan on utilising my time to further develop skills and understanding on fields which will be of use in years to come. I intend on completing an online course by Stanford University, ‘Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis’, designed to teach fundamental modelling of social and economic networks and their impact on human behaviour. I also plan on reading books on areas of economics which interest me, such as labour and development.

Looking to the next few years. Currently, I plan on continuing my study of economics broadly in my second year as I am required to complete two compulsory economics modules and one econometrics module, leaving only one outside option. Although, moving into my third year I am able to specialise into more specific areas that interest me. One possible route I am interested in exploring is converting to a different undergraduate course in my third year, Econometrics and Mathematical Economics (EME). This is an extremely competitive and challenging course, but if I am able to secure a place it would be a tremendous leap forwards in my academic career. 

Finally, I would just like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Company. The financial support provided by this scholarship has genuinely relieved so much pressure from my first year, especially considering the high cost of living in central London, allowing me to take full advantage of my opportunities. I eagerly look forward to giving you further updates of my university life in the near future.