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Glass in Society – stimulating the imagination and supporting STEM

The young people we support through Glass in Society never cease to amaze. Our latest projects range from glass cloches and greenhouses, to using a thermal imaging camera to monitor heat loss, building fibre glass race cars and equipping a drone with a camera to experiment with different types of glass lenses. The following are two particularly exciting projects.

Cemast at Fareham College – Remaster 750 Formula Race Car

Work in progress

Students from the Aerospace department at Fareham college are re-molding the body of the 750 Formula race car out of fibreglass materials.  A group of 16 and 17 years olds – 16 male and one female student have come up with various designs for the bodywork using 3D modelling software. The models were then 3D printed at a smaller scale and aerodynamically tested in a wind tunnel. The best aerodynamically tested designs were selected and work on molding the panels/bodywork commenced. Students have most of the mold for the car body finished and they will soon be ready to manufacture the panels. The mold has been made from fibreglass, which is the most difficult part of the project.

The outcome of the design is to explore ways to reduce the drag on the 750 Formula race cars and improve fuel efficiency.  The students will also gain a wealth of knowledge in using fiberglass materials and aerodynamic technology.

Henry Beaufort School – Drone Project

Another exciting project is at Henry Beaufort School where students in the STEM club are looking at uses of camera/drones in a school environment and experimenting with different types of glass lenses on the camera. The STEM club is made up of 8 students (7 girls and 1 boy). Girls were especially targeted to increase their number taking a STEM subject at GCSE and A Level. The project also involves eight feeder primary schools.

The drone, the controller and box used for transport

The school purchased the DJI phantom 3 professional drone and students in the STEM club have been taking part in getting their flight license. To do this students have been flying the drone in the School hall. They needed to take off and fly the drone 10m away and then back again and land it safely.

For their second task, they needed to complete a large square route manoeuvring it around the course and using the camera to see where they are going. This has made a huge impact to the students who are buzzing with excitement to fly the drone on a regular basis. So far four students have gained full licenses which includes a written test and the two practical tests above.

10 year 8 students took part in a STEM challenge at Southampton University to allow them to learn the skills to work with primary schools and deliver STEM to them. David Creed, the teacher in charge says

“I have met with 8 of the feeder primary schools to inform them among other things, that we have a Drone, and that we will bring our STEM students from the school to work with some of their disadvantaged and their more able students in small groups. This was met with a lot of excitement from the local schools and will help to build our relationships with them as far as delivering STEM and helping both their students and ours build strong links to support one another. Thank you again for your huge help with this. It has been an excellent addition to our STEM club and a real winner for both the school as a whole and the feeder schools who we will support in the coming summer term.”

New Projects for the Summer and Autumn Terms

At our April meeting the Trustees approved a number of exciting projects in the Midlands and Hampshire. These ranged from “Innovative Ways to make Energy”, to developing a cross curricular project combining Science/DT/Art and Design. Microscopy projects in Primary schools are also growing in number. We have approved support for two new partnerships in the Midlands. Bidford-on-Avon CE Primary School will be creating a shared resource for a partnership of eight schools to allow whole class microscopy projects to support the ‘Working Scientifically’ aspect for the KS1 and KS2 Science curriculum. Long Itchington CE Primary School are creating a shared resource for a partnership of six schools.

Your Charity Fund needs you

We are receiving more and more requests for support from primary school partnerships creating shared microscopy resources. Our limited funds mean that we are not able to help as many schools as we would like. Primary school science departments are in desperate need of support. A single microscope costs around £45. Our school partnerships generally need about £1000 to put together a kit of 15 microscopes and supporting material. Each of these kits benefits at least 2000 pupils and in some cases over 3000. This is a fantastic return on our modest investment.

Look out for our “Buy a Microscope Campaign” and help us to support more primary school partnerships. We would like to raise an additional £5000 this year. If any Liveryman or Freeman would like to support our fundraising campaign with your own activities please get in touch.

The Charity Fund relies on the generous support of our members. The Trustees are very grateful to all those who contribute. We will keep you posted on progress of all our fantastic projects.

Maria Chanmugam