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GIS Grant Report – Emscote School July 2018

There is no better satisfaction than opening up this wonderful world for the delight of young people. Giving them an opportunity to see some of its treasures and secrets. Nature itself hides an enormous treasure trove of minute wonders that can only be seen with a microscope or magnifying glass. The Charity Trustees are only too aware of the difference the Glass in Society initiative is making to so many young people. The Grants presented are carefully monitored as to the difference and achievement it provides. It is therefore justified that the word is shared to the  donors that provide the funds for it to happen. Many times exclamations are heard as to ‘what does the Charity do?’ The report attached is testimony and example of what it does.

As their eyes are opened, they too realise that there is a never ending journey of wonderment and opportunity to be explored and experienced by all that have the courage, aptitude and sense to adventure and in turn their knowledge and successes will also be shared for the next generations as it has always been. We are but custodians as we pass through with an opportunity to make a difference.

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