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Glass Artists – ‘@Home’ with Glass Sellers

One to One conversations with Glass Artists

Heike Brachlow

Heike was the Glass Sellers’ Art and Craft Award Winner in 2017 and has gone on to be significant Glass artist and Teacher. Heike divides her time between teaching at the Royal College of Art and casting glass in her studio in Essex. She has work in several major museum collections and has won the Jerwood Maker’s Open in 2011 and the Glass Sellers’ Arts and Craft Award at the British Glass Biennale in 2017. Her practice focusses on the investigation of transparent colour in glass, where thick-thin variations of form, curves and angles, the optical properties of glass, and matt or polished surface finishes all impact the appearance of the final object. She aims to make forms capable of transformation, ideally in different ways. Heike will talk and show images about her research, practice, inspiration and making process, as well as about teaching at the Royal College of Art.


Katharine Coleman MBE

Attending an International Symposium on Engraved Glass at Kamenicky Senov in 2002, I had the great good fortune to get to know some of the greatest Russian glass engravers of their generation. After a brief introduction, I will introduce you to a few of them, most specifically to the two masters, Alexander Fokin and Vladimir Makhovetsky, showing you some of their beautiful work and a demonstration of Vladimir’s technique on large glass panels.


Vanessa Cutler

Vanessa will present a short talk on the work developed for Silica Valley that opened the week before the Covid shut down in America.
She had been invited over a year before to participate and it offered an opportunity to develop new works that further established her practice with technology and demonstrates the importance of working with industry to achieve a sustainable practice. This is an inspiring look at a Glass Seller – Glass Artist and the way that they work.


Emma Goring

Since the Biennale 2019 and Annual Banquet 2019, she has undergone a massive change in her life. From October to Christmas 2019 she interned with Danish Glass Artists – Tobias Mhl and Trine Drivsholm at their studio in Ebeltoft, Denmark.


Madeleine Hughes


Having grown up loving art in many of its forms, I feel particularly fortunate to have found the area in which I want to focus and to which I want to devote my attention. I am passionate about hot glass and driven by a desire to harness the unique qualities of the material which lend themselves so well to artistic expression.


Max Jacquard

Expanding on techniques in fragile castings, in 2006 he completed a series of crumpled tissues in clear crystal titled My Lost Loves for which he was awarded first prize in the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers Arts and Craft Award at the UK Glass Biennale.


Alison Kinnaird

Following our successful and interesting presentation by Alison Kinnaird in June we promised to return to see the exhibition of her work that was due to be at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which of course has been postponed for this year.
We are returning to have a look at the exhibition which she has mounted in her studio and home and is going to talk to us about the works on display and how she went about it.


Darren Weed

Darren specialises in making glass pieces using the Graal Technique. This is a lengthy skilled process that incorporates hand painted designs between glass layers. Every item made is completely unique.