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Glass Sellers visit to Peter Layton’s Glass Blowing Studio – August 2018

A short walk from London Bridge station brought us to Peter Layton’s London Glass Blowing Studio. Brightly lit and simply full of

wonderful colourful blown glass … the latest show , and a show stopper it certainly was !

Eighteen members of the Livery or their friends were served chilled Prosecco, had a nibble or two and had the chance to chat with Peter and also Anthony Scala, whose unique technical style won him international recognition as early as 2005, when he became the youngest artist ever to win the prestigious Glass Sellers Art & Craft Award.

We then moved to the glass blowing area, thankfully accompanied by an enormous fan…. it really gets very hot near the crucible and furnaces.

Anthony explained which format of glass was being blown and the two blowers got to work weaving red and blue strings round a cylinder of white glass. This was done with a small gather of glass which was rolled in the colour and then heated and expertly wound round the cooler glass.

This shape was then covered in more glass, blown, allowed to expand, moulded with a wooden spoon shape or wet newspaper held in the hand. After several gathers of glass, the molten glass was flattened on a special table, lots of sparks flying, and finally finished into the required shape.

One or two drops of water applied with the jacks, a sharp tap and it was ready to be put into the annealing oven.

Anthony talked us through every step – it was fascinating.

They have teaching days and having done one I can highly recommend the experience.

A huge thank you to Peter and his lovely staff who looked after us so beautifully and to Anthony for spending time with us and for imparting his knowledge.

Eight of us then walked to Borough Market for a really delicious dinner at Fish Restaurant.

A happy evening was had by all

Liveryman, Judy Mewburn, August 2018