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Our latest Talking Prompts

Ambassador for Glass … Talking Prompts (#1/21)

Age of New Glass for a New Era

Category: Borosilicate Glass

Happy New Year! 2021 Talking Prompts kicks off with what lay behind the innovation and expansion of use of Borosilicate glass. As signal lanterns became increasingly necessary for safety on US railroads in the 1880s, lantern lenses made of sodalime glass broke too easily due to the combination of hot oil and cold weather (thermal shock).

Check out this story of discovery from the Corning Museum of Glass covering also the origins of Pyrex; use of ‘Little Joe’ to manufacture  thermometer tubes; casting the 200-inch (5-metre) glass mirror for the Hale telescope on Mount Palomar; and the benefits of borosilicate glass in glass sculpture. Recommended viewing!

Source: The Corning Museum of Glass

Ambassador for Glass … Talking Prompts (#2/21)

Reducing CO2 with seaweed ‘fertilised’ by glass

Category: Environment

Toyo Glass, one of Japan’s premier container glass manufacturers, is researching the use of glass, unrelated to its core business, to promote the growth of seaweed – a strong contributor to the removal of sea-borne CO2.

One of the resultant prototype products called ‘Ion Culture Plate’ is concrete covered by glass containing phosphorus, silicon, iron and other nutrients useful for seaweed growth. These are dissolved and ionised in seawater. In particular, algae directly absorb Fe ions, which promote photosynthesis.

Source: 2020 discussion Kiyoshi Kohno, President of Toyo Glass, with Dave Fordham, Director Glass Worldwide Magazine