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Calum Dawes – Winner Glass Sellers Art & Craft Student Award 2019

1. Will winning the Glass Sellers’ prize make a difference to you?

Calum Dawes

I think so, it will most definitely bolster any application I make for a residency or something of that nature. As well as providing a boost to my confidence in my own work, which can be hard

to muster when you’ve not been working in the field long.

2. Will the prize money be useful?  What will you use it for and is it allocated to a specific project or use?

Most definitely! I will be using the money to enrol in a masterclass over the coming year to improve my technical ability as well as stimulating the development of my practice.

3. What is more important to you – prize money or the prestige of winning a particular award?

While the prize money will of course be very useful, simply to be recognised among a collection of work with such a high standard of skill in execution and concept is really an honour. One I am very grateful for.

Calum is a graduate of the University of Sunderland Glass and Ceramics Department  and graduated in 2019 with a BA Glass & Ceramics.  He won third place at the Contemporary Glass Society 2019 glass prize and is featured in the New Graduate Review 2019, sponsored by the Glass Sellers’ Company.

To see Calum’s work go to