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Emma Goring – Runner-up Glass Sellers’ Art & Craft Student Award 2019

1. Will winning the Glass Sellers’ prize make a difference to you?

Emma Goring – runner-up Art& Craft Student Award

Winning the prize means a lot to me. It has given me a confidence boost in my status as an emerging artist and is something that I am proud to be able to write on my CV and website.

2. Will the prize money be useful?  What will you use it for and is it allocated to a specific project or use?

With the prize money I will use it to purchase myself some new tools I’ve been wanting for a little while. One of the tools I want is a particular glass mould that will allow me to start exploring new ideas and shapes in my work. I will also use a portion of the money towards materials so I can build my own hot shop in the future.

3. What is more important to you – prize money or the prestige of winning a particular award?

Both are as important as each other. When I was first awarded the Glass Sellers’ prize at the Biennale I wasn’t aware there was prize money and I was over the moon. I was thrilled that I had been recognised by such a prestigious company and very happy to be able to call myself an award winner. When I later learned of the prize attached it was huge surprise. With the prize I can now develop new works and concepts.

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