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Ian Chadwick – Winner Glass Sellers’ Art & Craft Award 2019

1. Will winning the Glass Sellers’ prize make a difference to you?

Ian Chadwick

A great deal of the daily challenge of being an artist is having belief in the art you choose to make. Winning an award such as this goes someway to lifting the veil of doubt which had stymied my progression and allows a renewed and positive perspective upon ones art and its effect upon its chosen audience. The prize will be worn as a virtual badge of honour as I move through my future and therefore the opportunities it brings I will approach with a greater confidence and optimism.

2. Will the prize money be useful?  What will you use it for and is it allocated to a specific project or use?

The prize money will be very useful and the majority I will be putting toward a larger diamond saw which will speed up my practice and allow me to push through some new ideas which require the use of this specific piece of cold-working equipment.

3. What is more important to you – prize money or the prestige of winning a particular award?

Initially I would have answered that the prestige of winning the prize is more important as its effects are carried forward in the longer term and prize money will only bring short term gratification. But, I believe, the prize money is important in a different way. If the prize money is used positively to move my artistic practice forward through either the purchase of new equipment or being able to finally attend that masterclass I have always wanted to do, then its benefits could be as long lasting and important as the benefits the prestige of winning and the renewed belief in my art will bring.

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